Glacier Mountain 4 times the size of London begins to drift towards the sea
The glacier, which is four times the size of London and has been separated for months from the southern continent, has been drifting toward the sea, according to satellite images.

As the massive mountain separated from the glacier known as Larsen C, it was not known what could happen, if the icebergs usually remained in place for decades, because that depended on sea currents and topography of the seabed.

According to the report, however, one of the largest glaciers in the world appears to have begun to move. The size of the large mountain separated from the Larsen C ice shelf is about 5,800 square kilometers and weighs about 1 trillion tons.

"The trillion mountain, one of the largest glaciers, has separated away from the Larsen S. ice shelf in Antarctica," scientists said on the Midas Project site, which covers Antarctic research.

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