Google Announces New Feature To Upload Videos On Instagram Via Maps
Google has recently added a new feature to Google Maps users, where Google Maps users who have registered with the Local Guides program can make videos through the program.

Google has announced that the length of video available to record up to 10 seconds, and users can also upload videos that were previously recorded on Instagram, but the length of video available from Google up to 30 seconds, all this through the application of maps.

"Tech Crunch" has already announced that Google has made this feature longer than two weeks ago. However, the messages that users have reached for this program have only just arrived.

In addition, Google said that subscribers are allowed to share videos with their friends on Google, and that the videos available are 10 to 30 seconds long. Google announced it and policies that were developed according to those laws.

The video can be recorded in accordance with the new feature added by Google to the users of the program maps by searching for the location of maps in Google and clicking the button to add a picture after scrolling down, after which the user opens the camera and continue to press the button to capture up to 10 seconds.

Google has made this feature available during the current period to all Android users only, but the company has also announced that during the current period a series of expansions and developments that may make this feature become available for Apple releases in the coming period as well.

This is in line with Google's announcement of the new feature it has made available to Google Maps users, a desire for the company to make a series of developments that will be of great benefit to users.

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