Is IS chief Abu Bakar al Baghdadi alive?

Is IS chief Abu Bakar al Baghdadi alive?
    Is IS chief Abu Bakar al Baghdadi alive?
    The extremist organization Islamic State has released an audio recording, which is being interpreted as the voice of IS chief Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi. There has been speculation about the death of Baghdadi for some time now. Baghdad's last audio statement came almost a year ago. This latest tape mentions North Korea's recent threats to Japan and the US. It also mentions the Battle of Mosul in the Islamic State in Iraq, which had been withdrawn from Iraqi forces by the extremists in July.

    On Baghdadi, the United States has given a prize of $ 250 million (about Rs 164 crore) and since July 2014, he has not been seen publicly. Three years ago, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was seen for the last time in 2014. At that time a video had come in which Abu Bakr was addressing his loyalists in Mosul's al-Nouri mosque.
    The Islamic State then occupied Mosul of Iraq and declared it 'Khilafat'. On this audio recording, US military spokesman Ryan Dillon said, "His death could be proved, because of lack of evidence, we believe that he is alive."

    According to US intelligence sources, efforts are still on to confirm the recording, but there is no reason to doubt its authenticity. For the cruel violent attitude towards ordinary people and prisoners, the infamous extremist organization Islamic State has had to lose large land under control in Syria and Iraq this year.
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