Karnak temples
The sprawling complex of temples at Karnak is the result of generations of builders who expanded and embellished the site for their gods and pharaohs. The remains of Karnak are now the largest surviving religious complex in the world.

Complex of Karnak Temples

The complex of Karnak temples has three main temples, as well as a number of internal and external temples - it includes the achievements of generations of the old masons over a period of 1500 years. About thirty Pharaohs participated in the construction of this site, making it unique in terms of space, shape and diversity. However, it is considered one of the holiest places in the new kingdom.
The complex of Karnak temples

The complex of ancient temples covers a total area of ​​two square kilometers and its name is Karnak, synonymous with the fortified settlement in Arabic. The temple of Amun, one of the largest installations in the complex, is the largest place of worship ever built .. It is surrounded by two large worshipers, dedicated to the wife of Amun, Mut, and his son Khonsu. Despite its great destruction, it remains one of the largest, most impressive and impressive sites in Egypt.

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