Kurdistan faces an air embargo from today

Kurdistan faces an air embargo from today
    Kurdistan faces an air embargo from today
    Turkey has recommended that its citizens living in northern Iraq "leave the area before the suspension of flights," according to a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

    Ankara warned on Wednesday that Turks planned to travel to Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, and the Turks there warned of security risks that could be triggered by the "illegal referendum" organized by the Kurdistan government of Iraq on Monday.
    Turkey also called on Erbil to hand over border crossings and airports to the central government in Baghdad.

    Egypt Air has suspended flights from Friday to Kurdistan, Iraq, and Lebanon's Middle East Airlines has suspended flights to Kurdistan, Iraq, starting on Friday.

    The controversial referendum faced opposition from most countries including Iraq, Turkey, the United States, Iran and the United Nations.

    They warned that it would destabilize the region more and more and divert attention from international efforts to fight the Islamic state.

    Baghdad's central government has asked for a referendum on secession from its territory, but the Iraqi Kurdistan government said the referendum, in which 92 percent voted for secession from Iraq, was "legitimate."

    The United States expressed its desire to facilitate dialogue between Baghdad and the Kurdistan government to ease current tensions following the referendum, according to the State Department.

    "If we are asked, we would like to help facilitate dialogue between the two sides," State Department spokeswoman Heather Noyert told reporters.
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