London, Parsons Green Metro explosion: at least 20 injured
The explosion occurred at Parsons Green station near Fulham. The police confirmed it was a bomb connected to a timer. There are 22 wounded transported to hospital so far. Mayor Khan said a human chase was going on and the attacker would be identified. Prime Minister May convened the crisis committee. Strengthen security measures on public transport

LONDON - This morning at 8.20 am there was an explosion in the London Underground at Parsons Green near Fulham. The police said the incident was a "terrorist act", confirming it was a bomb. The Ambulance Service has informed that 29 wounded are transported to four hospitals in the capital, none of them in danger of life. Some are burned, others have been footsteps.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced that a 'human hunt' is underway. According to Sky News, the police would identify the attacker with a video. No arrest has been announced at this time. The West of London was closed down the subway line from High Street Kensington to Edgware Road, on the District line, the green line.

London, Parsons Green Metro explosion: at least 20 injured
British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed closeness to the wounded, praised the skill and reaction speed of the security forces, and immediately summoned an emergency meeting of the Cobra, the government's crisis committee. Safety measures have been reinforced throughout the city, and particularly in transport networks and public transport. The prime minister then defended the police forces from the attack by US President Donald Trump on Twitter, criticizing British intelligence: "Another attack on a terrorist shaken in London, these are sick people and dementia already in Scotland Yard's viewfinder. You have to be careful. " Resuming an old distant polemic with Mayor Khan. "Terrorists must be faced in a much harder way. The Internet is their main recruiting tool that we need to control and use better."

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