Manchester United vs Everton Sunday 17/9/2017 English Premier League preview
Manchester United will host Everton on Sunday at Old Trafford in Manchester City for the fifth week of the Premier League. The match starts at 5 pm Cairo time.

Manchester United are under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, occupying the first place with 10 points, and Manchester United had tied with Stoke City two goals each in the last round of the life of the Premier League and then achieved a victory at the expense of Basel Swiss three goals for nothing, The start of his career in the Champions League this season on Tuesday at Old Trafford.

Manchester United team expected to face Everton: -

Goalkeepers: David de Chia
Defenders: Antonio Valencia - Eric Bailey - Phil Jones - Delay Blind
Midfield: Nemanja Matic - Under Herrera - Henrik Makhtarian - Juan Mata - Marcos Rushford
Forward: Romilo Lucaco

On the other hand, Everton enter the game under the leadership of Dutchman Ronald Koman, the center of 16, with 4 points, after the week of bad after he suffered two defeats locally and Europe.

Where he suffered a heavy defeat at home to Godison Park in the last round against Tottenham Hotspur 3: 0, and then followed by another defeat away to Atalanta three clean goals in the start of the campaign in the European League this season.

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