Many space missions stuck in China after the failure of rocket launch
Beijing: China's dream to rule the world of space is not visible now. Due to the failure of one of its rocket planes, the other plans have been eclipsed. Chinese scientists are searching for all other schemes due to the failure of Rakesh Mission.

Many unsatisfactory space plans have been delayed due to the unsuccessful launch of rocket launches in China this year. These plans include the construction of the Moon mission and the permanent space station. This information was given by a senior official of the Chinese Space Administration.

The launch of rocket long March-5W Too carrying the heaviest satellite till date had failed in July. This type of rocket was supposed to be sent to China for a new discovery on the Moon and to collect some samples from there and come back. General Secretary of China National Space Administration Tian Ulong said that the officials are still investigating the unsuccessful launch of the Long March-5 Y-2. Due to its failed launch, many major space missions have been delayed.

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