Melitopol model became a participant of Miss Ukraine-2017

Melitopol model became a participant of Miss Ukraine-2017
    Melitopol model became a participant of Miss Ukraine-2017
    On September 6, the national beauty contest "Miss Ukraine-2017" was held in the "Ukraine" palace in Kiev. 24 (one of the participants was not allowed to contest) the pretenders to the victory fought for the main title of the country. Among all the contestants, the Melitopol model Evgeniya Krivorotko (No. 5), the pupil of Oksana Baluta, the head of Silver Star agency, fought for the crown.

    On the stage of the court "Ukraine" 24 finalists, including Evgeniya Krivorotko in the first appearance, appeared before the jury in beautiful dresses from the Ukrainian designer. The Melitopol girl who represented Zaporizhzhya region was told that she was a model, a fashion model, a former gymnast and a future translator of foreign languages. Zhenya at the competition showed her charity project, which is aimed at attracting funds and attention to the problems of orphanages and orphans, writes Melitopol district.

    But, before the girls were officially introduced, they first performed together with the Ukrainian pop group "Time and Glass". The musicians performed their last hit, and the beauties defiled in various outfits. Then after the speeches of Oli Polyakova, Tayana and Maria Yaremchuk, the participants appeared before the audience and the jury in bathing suits. While Ukrainians showed their charms, for them and all the spectators in the hall, Dmitry Monatik spoke.
    Melitopol model became a participant of Miss Ukraine-2017

    At this time, the judges of the contest, among them - television stars, famous leaders and artists, discussed the contenders, which will be held in the next stage.
    Unfortunately, our Evgeniya Krivorotko did not go any further, having conceded 12 other contestants. But, she was not upset, because she believes that she has already won, having got into 25 beautiful girls of Ukraine.

    - More than 15 000 girls from all over the country applied for participation in the contest, and getting into at least 50, and even more so in the top 25 - is already a victory, - Elena Evgenia's mother Elena Krivorotko said. - We are very glad that our girl was noticed and invited to participate. Zhenya says that the competition is delicious and the main thing is that it is honestly held. 

    We knew that we would not win, because the growth of our daughter is not suitable for participation in Miss World-2017. There, the organizers demand that the participants be between 173-175 cm and above, and in Zhenya - 170 cm. But, not the main victory, but the invaluable experience that our daughter received at this contest.

    Before the final day, the girls spent 10 days working with sports coaches, makeup artists, professional stylists who taught them everything so that they looked decent on the main stage of the country. Every day the girls had to study from 6.00 to 22.00 to show themselves on "Miss Ukraine-2017".

    - And such hard training - they gave their result. Zhenya shone on the stage of the palace "Ukraine". Despite the fact that she did not win, she was showered with a lot of proposals for participation in contests, shootings and so on. We consider her to be a pride and we hope that this will give her the opportunity to move on and achieve success, "Evgenia Krivorotko's mother confessed.

    Now the Melitopol model has flown abroad for rest, after which it will begin to conquer new peaks with new forces, glorifying its city and Ukraine on new lines. What we want.
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