Mohamed Mounir leaves Cairo to celebrate 3 concerts in Frankfurt
Mohamed Mounir left Cairo on Sunday for Frankfurt to perform three concerts in Germany this week after his last concert in Tunisia at the International Hammamet Festival, during which he achieved great success and filled Hammamet Theater.

He completed his flight on Egypt's Flight 785 to Frankfurt, where he received a large reception and welcome from the first class passengers and staff, who were keen to shake hands and take pictures with him.

The three concerts in which will be sung in Germany are expected to be played by the German singer Adil Tawil who participated in the song "One World", one of Munir's closest friends recently. Al-King will also present a special program that includes human songs dealing with human issues Everywhere and right that most of the songs of Mounir's latest album bear this humanitarian formula.

The video clip of King Mohammed Munir, "One World," deals with the issue of refugees, an issue of concern to the whole world, and the keenness of the song to be in 3 languages ​​to reach the largest audience around the world, the song nominated for the Grammy Award.

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