Monalisa's Nude Sketch found in France

Monalisa's Nude Sketch found in France
    Monalisa's Nude Sketch found in France
    Art experts in France say that an art collection can be a sketch of Monalisa, pictured with a charcoal more than 150 years ago.

    Charul is a nude woman in the diagram, known as Mona Wana. Previously the credit was credited to Leonardo Da Vinci Studio only.

    However, experts have enough reason to say that the artist worked for both pictures.
    Experts believe that this drawing is at least part of Leonardo after testing in the Louur Museum in Paris. This is the Condé Museum during the Renaissance period in Italy in 1862, which is in the Palace of Chantilly in northern France.

    So, now Monalisa's smile, is this a smile of victory?

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a great painter in the Renaissance period in Italy and Monalisa painting is seen as one of the best art works of the world.

    In this case Matthew Daldik told the news agency APP that the quality of the face and hands in the painting is excellent.

    He said that it is merged from anywhere. Matthew said, "We are investigating the fact that at the last moment of Leonardo's life there was no parallel work anywhere. It was definitely the beginning of an oily painting. "

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