mysterious Sounds in the sky of an Iranian city inexplicable

mysterious Sounds in the sky of an Iranian city inexplicable
    mysterious Sounds in the sky of an Iranian city inexplicable
    The residents of the Iranian city of Astara heard loud sounds from a very unknown source, which filled the sky of the city, which aroused great fear in the hearts of the people. Mysterious voices buzzed the skies of one of Iran's cities. The social networking sites have a record, and there is a vague, siren-like noise, but it is mysterious and unexplained.

    The city that witnessed this mysterious phenomenon is Astara, located on the Caspian Sea in northern Iran. The video, which hears the background of this mysterious "noise", was circulated by Iranian news agencies.

    "What is surprising is that there is no facility in the region that was shown in the video where these sounds are heard. The question is, where are those voices heard in more than one place in different parts of the world?

    The Islamic religion says that the end of the world begins when the king of death, Israfil, blows in the pictures (the doomsday trumpet) announcing the hour, which caused many residents of Astara to panic, thinking that these sounds may be the first signs of the hour.

    It should be noted that over the past ten years, similar voices have been recorded on all continents, but no one has been able to know their source. Many people in these voices are a sign of God's wrath. Scientists have not been able to give explanations for this strange phenomenon.

    In contrast, the US space agency NASA said today that these sounds are heard in several parts of the world, and that they are caused by the collision of clouds and the convergence of magnetic waves from the earth and the sun.

    However, since time immemorial nature imposes its dominion on the earth and the universe, and man remains despite the fact that he has gone a long way in his scientific and technical advancement, unable to keep pace, and is surprised by his breath as he follows the magic of its mysterious,
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