Natacha Jaitt, after the raid on her house: Diego, now I'm coming for you
The raid on the house of Natacha Jaitt (42) obviously did not go unnoticed for the vedette and model, who with all the means present around him again lashed out at the Latorre.

"I was opening up to you to see what happens, I have nothing to hide, nothing to hide." I am very intelligent, too much for so many people of mier ..., "said Natacha, who promised to return to the charge with more intimate material of the former footballer.

"There's a lot of things, Navarro Montoya is a beanbag, now we're going to have fun." Starting tomorrow, when I'm going to get my things back, Diego, I'm coming for you, forgiving you. life, but now I'm going for you, "she said against the sports commentator.

"They got in with my children, I do not do what they do. As for the entrance to my property they are going to eat a good report because the boys were there." They even took advantage, because the smallest 11- school, and I had to open it, "she explained.

"That's why they also came, and I thank the officers of the police station 37, to really take care of me, because they also know about the other cause. They came and went to make sure nothing happened, but the worst thing here is crying of my children, their despair, and that they take their personal things of technology, "she added.

"I want you to know, in case you are listening to me, that they armed you, a lawyer told me yesterday." "Who are they?" Burlando, Leguizamón, and all of the Latorre included, Yanina and everything. to which I am not afraid, "she concluded, true to his style.

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