New I Phone x 8 Specifications and prices

New I Phone x 8 Specifications and prices
    New I Phone x 8 Specifications and prices
    IPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 "iPhone X", Apple will launch its latest version of the smartphone industry, with the iPhone 8 The updates compared to the latest version of Apple and these features are more developed and have not been used by smart phone users before.

    The iPhone 8 will be the beginning of Apple's 10-year anniversary of Apple's new development, which is based on the development and continuous change of mobile systems and capabilities, as well as the introduction of new features for the new phone. To the edge in addition to another series of Apple smart phones.

    New iPhone 8

    The phone carries many international specifications, which are high-quality screens acquired by Samsung, which enables the device to identify the user through the scanning of the face instead of fingerprint and turn the features of the face to Emotion can be used in messages and automatic shipping and the absence of the main button and glass surface of the screen To activate the wireless charging feature in addition to the space of the screen 5.8 inches and with all these features need Apple to develop new battery systems and rationalization of consumption.

    As part of today's conference, Apple will launch a set of updates for iPhone phones, including s7, s7 plus. In the article, we will know the price of iPhone 8 phones in the Arab and international markets, which is expected to exceed the old prices due to its distinguished capabilities compared to other companies and also excerpts of its specifications.

    Prices for iPhone

    Millions of people are waiting to see the features and specifications of the iPhone 8 before the market, while Apple celebrated the birth of the new company "Apple Park" and worth mentioning the prices of the new iPhone 8, also known as "iPhone X," which exceeded the barrier of $ 1000, despite the latest phone from Apple has reached $ 650 due to the high screen prices used in the new phone.

    The iPhone 8 has a different color than the old versions and will be found in gold, copper or copper in red and black and white, and during the Apple conference has met the specifications announced leaks that came in some news papers.

    Apple has announced that the iPhone 8 has a water-resistant, dust-resistant, curved-off feature and automatic charging during use, confirming the device's price rise of about 50% from the previous version of the iPhone.
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