Roma vs Atletico Madrid Live stream today 12/9/2017 Champions League
Watch the match against Roma and Atletico Madrid on Tuesday 12/9/2017 in the Champions League 2017

Madrid - Atletico Madrid meet Roma in the first leg of the Champions League on Tuesday (September 12th, 2017) in the first group stage of the Champions League. Match the first round of Group C competitions.

UEFA has announced the appointment of Serb referee Milorad Mazic as the referee who ran the match against Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the 2014-2015 season. Roma against Manchester City in the same tournament, the game ended with the victory of the German City with two goals without a reply.

The match between Roma and Atletico Madrid is broadcast exclusively in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa, via the BBC Sports Channel Qatar channel on the BeiN Sport HD 4. The channel also announced the appointment of outstanding sports commentator Mohammed Barakat to comment on the match.

Roma and Atletico Madrid are in Group C of the Champions League next to Chelsea and the Azerbaijani side of Karabag.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone revealed his list of Roma players on Tuesday in the first group stage of the Champions League. The Simeoni list included both players:

Moya, Obelack, Werner, Godyn, Felipe Louis, Savic, Forsalico, Lucas, Juan Fran, Jimenez, Thomas, Connie, Saul, Carrasco, Gaby, Gaetan, Grizman, Torres, Korea.

Patrick Schick's absence from the meeting

The club also announced the possibility of the absence of the Czech striker Patrick Cheek, following the injury suffered during his participation in the mass rally last week in the thigh, where the statement that the possibility of participation of Patrick Cheek has not yet been determined, His participation on the approval of the medical staff of the team depending on the development of his injury.

Roma have been in 10th place in the Italian league this season, with only 3 points after three rounds of the tournament, and have a game in front of the Sampdoria team, where the team under the leadership of coach Francesco winning one game in the Italian league calcio Italian , And lost in the second game, the striker scored two goals and conceded three goals.

Atletico Madrid are in sixth place on the Spanish league table with only five points after three rounds of the tournament. The team, led by Spain's Diego Simonei, won a solitary win while two matches ended with a draw. Scoring 7 goals while conceding 3 goals.

Roma vs Atletico Madrid 0:0

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