Russian submarines hit Islamic state "ISIS" in Syria with cruise missiles
Russian submarines Veliky Novgorod and Colpino launched cruise missiles at the Islamic terrorist group Isis in Syria. The news agency RIA Novosti reported that it was done Thursday (September 14th), according to the Russian defense ministry.

The Russian submarines are located in the eastern Mediterranean, and the missile strike was guided by cruise missiles launched from underwater. The targets were observation posts, call centers and weapons depots in areas south-east of Deir al-Zour.

As stated in the statement, seven cruise missiles were launched and the targets range from 500 to 670 kilometers. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that all planned targets had been destroyed.

The chief of staff of the Russian armed forces in Syria, General Alexander Labin, announced on September 12 that about 15 percent of the territory of Syria is still under the control of ISIS.

 Three days ago, units of the Syrian army managed to penetrate the airbase near Deir al-Zour. On 5 September, Syrian forces took control of the entire city, which was under the control of ISIS for three years.

The frigate Admiral Essen in the Mediterranean fired cruise missiles at the Isis military targets in Deir Ezzor.

Russian news agency

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