Shania Twain: Naked Images of Brad Pitt inspired me to write a song - that does not Impress Me Much
Brad Pitt and Shania Twain
Canadian pop singer Shania Twain revealed the relationship between American actor Brad Pitt and her release of "Do Do not Impress Me Much" in 1997.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the Canadian singer talked about the scenes of her famous song and how she was inspired by the nude pictures of the American actor for her writing. "My writing happened to this album when there was a scandal about publishing naked pictures of Brad Pitt during his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow," she said.

Well, I was not impressed by the uproar and the pictures so much, and I thought about writing the song and putting Brad Pitt's name in the lyrics of the song in the phrase 'Well, Brad Pitt does not like me very much.' "

Twain pointed out that the sight of naked people is a natural thing happens every day, adding that she did not deliberately mention the name of Brad Pitt in the song, but this came as a coincidence after the uproar caused by his naked image and could be mentioned anyone else in the song.

The American actor filed a lawsuit in 1997 against his bare-ass photojournalists and said the photographers had obtained it without his permission.

The song "Do Do not Impress Me Much" won several awards as soon as it premiered, including the 1997 Best International Song Award and other awards.

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