Strong blow to North Korean economy, China closes Korean companies
BEIJING  - The world is attacking North Korea. In this context, China has cracked down on North Korea. This step is linked to the business world and the economy. China has ordered North Korean companies in China to quickly take measures towards closure as part of the implementation of UN sanctions after Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test.

The United Nations has given North Korean companies, including those in a joint venture with Chinese companies, 120 days from Sept. 11 to leave the Chinese market, the Ministry of Commerce said. The announcement came after China confirmed the sanctions. This involves limiting the export of refined petroleum products to North Korea and closing the import of cloth by October.

The implementation of Chinese sanctions by China is harmful to North Korea. Beijing is Pyongyang's main ally and trading partner, and North Korea has 90 percent of its business with China. The United States is pressing China to curb North Korea's nuclear ambitions by using its economic power.

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