Successful surgery for Valentino Rossi
Yesterday, the Yamaha team announced that the Italian star Valentino Rossi, crowned nine times with the title of the World Championship of the Great Motorcycle Award for the Moto Class. J. P., underwent a successful surgical operation following an accident that resulted in a leg fracture. Russian surgery was carried out in the Italian city of Urbino, after he was exposed to sporadic fractures of the leg bones in an accident during the exercise last Thursday.

"The surgical operation passed successfully, when I woke up this morning I really felt good..." said Valentino Rossi. I'm sorry about the accident. Now I look forward to returning to my bike as soon as possible. And I'll do my best for that. "

The date of Valentino Rossi's return has not been announced, but the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera said it is expected to return in early October October, Italian Valentino is currently ranked fourth in the general rankings of the world championship this season.

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