Syria: Israel bombed a military site in Masyaf
Syria: Israel bombed a military site in Masyaf
A statement issued by the "General Command of the army and the armed forces" that Syrian aircraft fired at dawn on Thursday several missiles targeted a military position belonging to the regular forces near Masyaf, west of the city of Hama in central Syria, resulting in the loss of material and the killing of two elements at the site.

The statement said that the aircraft fired rockets "from Lebanese airspace". The Israeli media reported that Israeli planes flew in the Bekaa area in eastern Lebanon and broke the sound barrier.

In response to a question by Reuters, an Israeli army spokeswoman declined to discuss reports of a strike on Syria, saying the army was not commenting on the operations.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the target site is the Center for Scientific Studies and Research and a nearby military site that is used as a ground-to-ground missile depot.
The center is subject to US sanctions as the Syrian body responsible for the development of unconventional weapons, including chemical weapons, which Damascus denies.

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