TE launches the fourth mobile network in the name of We
Telecom Egypt has announced the fourth mobile network in the name of We (mobile - fixed - Internet). The CEO of Telecom Egypt said that the company is launching mobile services with the second, third and fourth generation mobile technology, and that 4G services are still working experimentally.

As well as the opening of the largest customer service center in Central Ahmed Orabi engineers, and the opening of about 100 branches in the provinces to serve the company's customers so far.

Telecom Egypt will provide shipping cards to distributors by October 15. He said, the new network was launched under its official name (we), and in the code 015.

Telecom Egypt is the fourth company to offer mobile services at the lowest price per minute in the market, up to 12 piasters per minute, the message price is 12 piasters and the mobile line price is 15 pounds, according to a source in the company.

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