the god Amun

The rise of the god Amun 

Many deities were worshipped in ancient Egypt. Confusingly, these often changed or evolved over the long time span of the Egyptian civilization, or were represented in different manifestations. In New Kingdom Egypt, the god Amun became prominent as the greatest of the gods. Regarded as a creator deity, he became assimilated with the sun god Re to become Amun-Re, and was worshipped in Thebes at the mighty temples of Karnak and Luxor.

The rise of the god Amun 

The god Amun mentioned with his wife Mont in Mtoun Al-Ahram (No. 446) as a divine god, but he was not an idolater among the local gods who spread in the various regions and was referred to as the Creator God within the doctrine of the city of Ashmounin. 

the god Amun the greatest of the gods In New Kingdom
It is pointed out that originally the god Min, this great god who was worshiped in that region between Akhmim and Qadat, between Taybeh and Arment, represents this god standing and his rod erect and on his head rise two high risers raising his right arm and striking the whip triangular branches. 

Fertility, which steals women, and the master of virgins, and if this machine has enriched his mother, this character was characterized by the original sun "Ra" and so we find constantly how the gods in Egypt characterized each other's qualities and how one affects the other's advantages. 

Great God at the center of the National God for centuries but The name of Amun was first mentioned in the texts of King Montuhotep the Third, one of the kings of the eleventh Dynasty. Since the beginning of the twelfth Dynasty, The old warriors of the 11th Dynasty were named after him and held the banner of Jihad in order to achieve the second unit of the country under his banner. 

the god Amun the greatest of the gods In New Kingdom
This victory marked the beginning of a new era in which the "Monto" will be the supreme god of war in the country. The beginning of the Twelfth Dynasty became the god "Amun" God In the country from the era of King Amenemhat I, the founder of the Twelfth Dynasty. The texts were linked between the city of Taiba and its original idol Amun, where he described the texts as "Lord and lord of the city" and for the whole world, the city was described as the city of "God Amun." During the Middle Kingdom era it was clear that Amon was granting the ruling Pharaoh the life and stability above the throne and thus did not increase his work just from this role and his functions were not great towards the state and the pharaoh such role was found in the era of the modern state, was named in the temple of Karnak "Imn It is considered that the god Amon and his wife, Amont or Mut, were chosen in particular from Thamon the Ashmounin of good origin on the grounds that these two spouses had been shown to be one of the other creatures of creation. 

In the good doctrine while the remaining members were only sacred bodies did not win the fame of "Amun" Until the end of ancient Egyptian times and through the good doctrine of the city of "Amun" selected poetic expressions linked between her idol "Amun" and "Ra" in his pictures and bodies was considered a good is "Ein Ra", which emerged from the Atlantic Ocean "N" and then created humans, The north and the south and the surrounding world just as Amon created himself and then healed of himself. Amon was considered the world's driving force for the ocean and was characterized by extremely unique qualities and excellence. He is the superpower of creation and his outstanding role in the process of birth and eternal life. He is the same Ra who illuminates the worlds without ever leaving.

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