Three young Egyptians suicide after spreading their desire to suicide on Facebook
At the beginning of September, Facebook posts were published to three young Egyptians on a large scale via social networks expressing their desire to commit suicide. The three men revealed their intentions to get rid of life.

Social media users in Egypt posted Facebook posts after the three young men were sued for various reasons. Causes included depression and conflicts with their families.

The first was Sharif Kamar, a student at the Ain Shams University Medical School, and Hazem Abdel Moneim, 33, who worked as a sales supervisor for a private company.

A report by the Egyptian authorities revealed that medical student Moon committed suicide by firing his father's gun, according to local media reports.

Samar's suicide followed footage posted on Facebook and showed his desire to kill himself because of deep depression.

The second man, Hazem Abdel Moneim, committed suicide after he wrote goodbye on Facebook to his friends. He said he would commit suicide because of a dispute with his family over inheritance. His body was later found by police in the Nile in his hometown of Minya, a city in Upper Egypt.

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