Tour in the monastery of St. Catherine - Sinai - Egypt

Tour in the monastery of St. Catherine - Sinai - Egypt
    Тур в монастыре Святой Екатерины - Синай - Египет
    sinai st cath
    The tour begins at approximately 6:40 am (the time of the last group gathering). After 2.5-3 hours of travel with one stop in a beautiful valley surrounded by beautiful sand dunes, the group arrives at St. Catherine's Monastery around 9:45. The monastery is located at the foot of Mount Moses and is one of the most famous monuments of South Sinai. Despite the turbulent events and numerous wars that took place in this region for 16 centuries, it has never been plundered and is one of the oldest continuously operating monasteries.

    On its territory is a large number of historical buildings. Among them the Transfiguration Church is the main temple of the monastery (the middle of the 6th century), the chapel of the Burning Bush, built on the place where God appeared to Moses in the image of a burning bush and others. The tour of the monastery is accompanied by a professional guide who will tell you about these and other places of interest in detail.

    After the tour you will have time during which you can visit the museum of the monastery or simply explore the surroundings and make many interesting photos. The collection of the museum includes many ancient icons, a collection of manuscripts from the early Christianity, which is the second largest consecrated manuscript after the Vatican Library. A visit to the museum costs 25 yr. pounds (not included in the price of the tour).
    The next point in the excursion program is the city of Dahab. Here you will have lunch in one of the hotels (buffet).

    After lunch, you will have time (about 1 hour) to walk through one of the most picturesque cities of Sinaia or to visit local shops.
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