A pharaonic statue circling without being touched at the Manchester Museum
A 4200-year-old pharaonic statue, and appeared on the surveillance camera "on its own on a glass shelf inside a closed display cabinet" at the Manchester Museum. Al-Arabiya addressed his story on the weekend program with a detailed report. Zahi Hawass, when he was then Minister of Egyptian Heritage, and gives his opinion what they considered "curse of Pharaohs" was then controlled the statue and make it revolves.

However, a British engineer, Steve Goslig, an expert on building vibration, discovered that minor vibrations due to traffic outside the museum and the footsteps of passers-by "affect the display cabinet, and this is proven by our installation of a precision measuring device," he said. 25 centimeters long, which rotates very slowly during the day, to appear to the camera at night and "moved" almost a full cycle, the next morning returns to normal.

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