Ahmed Saad and Somia El Khashab are officially married

Ahmed Saad and Somia El Khashab are officially married
    Ahmed Saad and Somia El Khashab are officially married
    In March, the rumors started and did not stop. Everyone talks about a secret marriage between Ahmed Saad and Samia Al Khashab, thanks to the former singer Saad Al-Baroudi, who revealed it in the form of a blessing for the duo.

    Pictures of the duo with each other at the time, supported the story that everyone transmitted, even if these pictures came because of their participation in a duet titled "All in Halal", which was presented in the series "Halal", which starred Sumaya Khashab and presented last Ramadan .

    Since then, Ahmad Saad has been in the vicinity of Samaya al-Khashab, despite their usual denials of marriage, and it seems that October will witness the end of the story through the wedding ceremony, which is held this evening, confined to close friends and family.

    On the seventeenth of last March, the artist Ahmed Saad, a guest to the media Amr Adib, to talk about his artistic career and his new after his return from Umrah, and of course touched the conversation to his relationship Basmiya Khashab.

    However, he denied what was said strongly, stressing that what links Bismayah al-Khashab is a family relationship, and that he was accompanied by the song that he was working with, pointing out that he explained to Riem al-Baroudi the confusion that happened, and the fact what he wrote about him and Samaya al-Khashab.

    However, the recent intervention of the telephone has increased the ambiguity, after confirming that what is collected by Saad is a spiritual relationship, considering that God is the one who collected it after their thoughts became one, and they speak the same language, stressing that they are on the door of a spiritual relationship.

    In Tunisia, doubts increased when the duo toured each other last August at the "Spirituality" festival. The name of the festival seemed to fit in with the nature of the relationship they had revealed. Saad published a picture of Basmiya al-Khashab and commented, "Our Lord, Happy and good. "

    While Vienna was the last stop for the duo, where they were together, before the birth date of Sumaya al-Khashab on October 20, to announce the wedding, and closing the curtain on the story that has captured the attention of the public for months.

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