Egypt History: Roman Gateway :Temple of Hathor

Egypt History: Roman Gateway :Temple of Hathor
    Roman Gateway :Temple of Hathor
    Roman Gateway

    Oriented towards the Nile the Temple of Hathor follows the fairly typical plan of other temples from the Greco-Roman Period. It is dedicated to the goddess Hathor and her mythology relating to her consort Horus of Edfu. The present temple building was begun before the reign of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II whose name is found in the crypts, continued through the Ptolernaic kings and was completed during Roman times.

    Among the ancient archeological collections of the Hathor temple, a Coptic church, a sacred lake, the remains of the Isis temple, and the remains of Roman buildings, the Dandara temple remains the best of its kind. It is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt, It is organized by a large number of hotels in Luxor Nile Cruises.

    The temple of Dandara is located 2.5 km east of the city of Qena in a village bearing the name of the temple. It was known in ancient times as "Tantara", and was called by the Greeks "Tinters". Its site is full of tombs dating back to the era of the first families, The most famous of these collections is the temple of Hathor, surrounded by a large brick wall of 290 x 290 m, 10 meters high.

    The temple dates back to the Ptolemaic period. It was built by Ptolemy III, and the construction process continued from renovations and others until the time of the Roman emperor August. The work continued from 54 to 20 BC. It was built on top of previous temples, some of which date back to the Old State, Tuthmosis the Third and Ramses II and III, the name Ptolemy XII was found at the back of the temple, part built in the Ptolemaic era, and had more work during the reign of Cleopatra VII, which ruled Egypt for 21 years.

    The temple of Dandra is known to the archaeologists of the temple of the goddess Hathor, the goddess of love, beauty and motherhood among the ancient Egyptians, and the wife of the god Horus, the god of the temple of Edfu, where the temple was built for worship. The statue of Hathor took the shape of a beautiful cow's head, on the head.

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