History of ancient Egypt : The kingdom of the god Osiris

History of ancient Egypt : The kingdom of the god Osiris
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    the god Osiris
    The city of Thebes was the site of mighty temples built on the east bank of the Nile to honor the gods of New Kingdom ancient Egypt. On the opposite west bank was a magnificent burial ground for the pharaohs - the Valley of the Kings. This was the kingdom of Osiris, god of the underworld. From their grand tombs, the Egyptian pharaohs believed they would embark on a journey in which they would meet the gods in the afterlife and achieve immortality.

    "Osiris" was a god of good and a symbol of fertility in the doctrine of ancient Egyptians. He inherited the king of "Ra" and became the god of everything in the world, and married his sister, "Isis", which was fruitful and fruitful marriage. While her sister, "Nephthys" who married "Set" the god of evil was sterile does not give birth, so jealous and wanted to be fertile as Isis, and thought that the reason for her infertility is due to "Set", which represents the land of fiction.

    "Sit" hates his brother "Osiris" and wanted to devour him and plotted a plot to assassinate him, he held a concert with some other gods, and prepared a beautiful coffin as gold of the size of the young god alone. He accepted "Set" and claimed that this coffin was a gift from him to any God who was present and fit to be his shrine. Thus, every god lay in the ark to try his luck to no avail, until the role of "Osiris" and when he slept until the gods closed the cover .. Then threw the coffin in the Nile River, and even reached the Mediterranean Sea .. And his campaign waves to Phoenician beach (Lebanon) .. A horse at the city (Byblos) and grew on the beach a huge tree contained the coffin.

    The city had a beautiful queen, the goddess "Astrot." She went out to the beach to take a shower. When she saw the tree, she ordered her to be cut off and a large column of her trunk was placed in the middle of her palace. When Isis learned about the fate of her husband, who was from Egypt, she looked for him everywhere, and she was saddened by grief. And the more tears came from her eyes, the more plentiful it fell in the Nile. The Pharaohs believed that the tears of Isis were the cause of the flood of the Nile. Finally, Isis, the beautiful goddess, took her husband's place and went to Byblos.

    In this period, Isis took the image of the eagle - the symbol of life - and fought around the great pillar that stood in the middle of the palace, and walked around the body of her husband and began to fight his soul, turning her magical power to a spirit that sees in front of her and no one sees her. Then the miracle happened. Isis carried the soul without touching her. Human beings. In her womb she carried the child Horus and ran away in the Delta till he grew up. He fought evil and avenged his father and saved mankind from the evil of his uncle, Seit, and the Egyptians called him the god of salvation. The queen wanted to reward Isis and asked her about her jealousy. I asked her for the trunk of the tree that contained her husband. I gave it to her and took the coffin out of him. She carried him gladly and put him in a ship and sailed to Egypt. Then she rose to the dead of her life, and then Osiris rose to heaven and ascended the throne in the afterlife.

    From this myth we see that "Osiris" lived and died and then returned to life again, and became a green tree, was the dominant god of agriculture and sowing life in this valley, where the vegetation is published every year. The ancient Egyptians saw that the grain that the farmers sow grows and grows vegetables and fruits, and from those fruits he planted other grain, and repeated the miracle of life. And think in that renewed life that does not die, I think that this living thing that does not die is a god, and that Osiris is the spirit of this green life fixed in the earth. He knew how these green vegetation withers every year, and it looks as if it has died and died, but it never comes back to its life.

    The ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris is the force that provides them with life and gives them sustenance in this world, and that it is the black ground from which green life comes out, and the lines of love grow out of his body, symbolizing the renewed life with a green tree. Every year, they used to hold a big party where they planted a tree that they planted, adorned with jewels and decorated with green leaves, as people do today with a Christmas tree.

    The Babylonians called this tree the tree of life, and they believed that it bore the leaves of age in the head of each year. He who has burned his paper wrote to him life throughout the year, and when his paper withered and he fell, he died on one day. The tradition went from east to west, and they celebrated Christmas tree and chose it from the trees that keep their vegetables throughout the year, such as cypress and pine.
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