Liverpool vs Maribor, Forecast for the match 01.11.2017, quotes bookmakers, bids, live webcast
EUROPE: Champions League - Group stage
The beginning of the match: 22:45 (MSC)
After a three-match series of misfires and failures in the calendar games of the Premier League team, Jurgen Klopp, finally broke through, reports. After all, in the last home meeting with debutant Huddersfield, the Merseyside players threw three unanswered goals (3-0) into the goal of the visitors of Anfield.

All the balls were scored in the second half. In the red, Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino and Jorginho Veynaldum distinguished themselves. True, the final victory of the hosts could be even larger, but at the end of the first half Mohamed Salah failed to realize a penalty.

Statement by J├╝rgen Klopp

Immediately after this victory of the helmsman, Jurgen Klopp made the following statement:
\ "We finally managed to establish a match game, and even in the absence of a whole group of injured footballers we won a bright victory, now the Champions League calendar match with Maribor is on the queue. Our final goal remains unchanged is the successful promotion of the decisive rounds of the playoffs in the tournament grid Maybe, then UEFA will remember that for 62 years since the foundation of the tournament, his final was never held on the home arena of Liverpool. "

Overcrowded Infirmary

But in this matter Jurgen Klopp is absolutely right. To date, Liverpool, together with Madrid's Real Madrid, Milan, Bavaria and Barcelona is in the TOP-5 of the most titled clubs in Europe, and the UEFA leadership every time in choosing the arena for the ligochempionskih finals bypass \ "Enfield \" side.
On the eve of the forthcoming meeting with Maribor, the German mentor of the English grandee is absolutely calm, even despite the overcrowded hospital of the five-time European champion.


In Liverpool's application for the next ligochempionsky fight there are no defenders Dejan Lovren and Nathaniel Klein, midfield players and Adam Lallana attacks, Sadjo Mane and Filipe Coutinho.

However, despite these losses, in the upcoming home meeting with the champion of Slovenia and, at the same time, the main outsider of the fifth group E, a possible host of victories is obvious, and there is no doubt about it.

LIVERPOOL - 1.05, draw - 21.00, MARIBOR - 51.00;
Our forecast is the victory of Liverpool with a handicap (-3) for 1.53.

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