Mashira Khattab is in the fourth round of the election of the Director of UNESCO

Mashira Khattab is in the fourth round of the election of the Director of UNESCO
    Mashira Khattab is in the fourth round of the election of the Director of UNESCO
    The results of the third round of the selection of UNESCO's new Director-General in the elections held at the headquarters of the Organization in Paris, France, received the Egyptian candidate Ambassador Moushira Khattab 13 votes.

    The results were as follows:

    Mashira Khattab 13
    Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al - Quwari from Qatar 18
    Audrey Azoulay from France 18
    Qian Tang from China 5
    Vera Khoury Lakeweh from Lebanon 4

    The 58 members of the Executive Council voted, and the winner needs 30 votes, which is unlikely to take place in this round. The candidates are expected to run for the fourth round on Thursday.

    Vietnam candidate Kvam San Shao announced his withdrawal before the voting began half an hour later, causing confusion in the electoral landscape. In the second round, five votes were cast, with the rest seeking the votes.

    A few minutes before the start of the vote in the third round of the election of the Director-General of UNESCO, Qatar's candidate Hamad Al-Quwari and France's Audrey Azoulay held a suspicious meeting in one of the Organization's rooms. UNESCO sources reported that there was coordination between Qatar and France in the elections, .

    The recent hours and the results of the contacts that were made and the results of the first and second rounds of the General Director's election of the iron of UNESCO, during which the Qatari candidate obtained a number of votes exceeded all expectations, revealed that there may be a deliberate deal made by major countries with their candidates, Qatar sought to rally the votes of the Qatari candidate in order to discourage Egypt from continuing to run in the elections, fearing that Qatar would get the post and thus reach a stage where competition between the candidate of Qatar and the candidate or candidate of a major country is planning from the beginning to implement this scenario.

    "It seems that the UNESCO election process this year will reveal political machinations and objectives far beyond the issue of competition for the seat of the Director-General of the Organization," said sources from within UNESCO and familiar with the political processes currently taking place. "They forget that a Qatari candidate takes the top of the international hierarchy Peace, civilization and preservation of historical heritage will be a disgrace to the entire international community, especially the major countries that have long advocated not politicizing the work of the Organization and the need to respect the humanitarian principles that it calls for. "

    The sources added: "It may be useful for those elections to result in the victory of the candidate of Qatar, to make sure to all the extent of opportunism of some countries, and to reconsider the members of the organization to consider the usefulness and feasibility of UNESCO's tasks or activities," explaining that once the candidate On the post or even another candidate in accordance with the scenario prepared by the major powers, will make absolutely clear that UNESCO has become a political organization in the first place, and it is futile to talk about reform or work to develop its performance in a way that serves the humanitarian issues that created the organization To achieve and maintain. "

    The vote of the second round on Tuesday witnessed slight changes in the votes obtained by each candidate. Ambassador Moushira Khattab, the candidate of Egypt and the African continent, received more votes than the first round with 12 votes. This happened with Qatari candidate Hamad Al-Kawari who won 20 votes, while the votes of Lebanon's candidate Vera Khoury Lacoury dropped to 3 votes, after winning six votes in the first round, and raised the candidate of Vietnam, Pham San Shao, the balance of two votes in the first round by 5 per second, while kept the candidates of France and China votes obtained in The first round, five for the Chinese "Qian Tang", and 13 l Of French Audrey Azoulay.
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