Newcastle United vs Burnley Live stream on 30-10-2017 English Premier League
In the Premiership Premier League Premier League Championship and in an important and awaited meeting and awaits him a lot of strength and excitement and a match between Newcastle United team and the old team in front of Burnley in a game that awaits a lot between the two teams.

The match will be on Monday, October 30 at 10 pm GMT and 11 pm Mecca time.

Ducts to match Newcastle United and Burnley

The game will be broadcast through the channels of Ban Sport Official sponsor of the English championship, specifically the channel BeiN Sport 2.

At the beginning of the big club Newcastle United, one of the oldest and largest teams in English football was founded in 1892 and play at St. James Park, which can accommodate more than 52 thousand spectators, is undoubtedly Newcastle clubs are the best in the history of English football, The team won the Premier League 4 times in 1926.

He also won the FA Cup title 6 times, the last of which was in 1955, and won the title of the Shield of Charity once and was in 1909 while the League Cup was the only tournament that the team did not achieve in his history as he was the best runner in the tournament in In 1976, the team won a single European title in 1969, an unofficial tournament now unrecognized by the European Cup of Champions, which the team wants to do in the years to come despite the difficulty.

 Burnley Team

Burnley, who was founded in 1882 and plays at the TurfMore stadium, has a capacity of over 22,000. Burnley is a team that is currently submerged but has been one of the big teams in the past.

But he missed the league championship from 1976 to 2009 and reached the lowest level and lasted 7 years. Burnley won the English Premier League twice in 1920 and 1959 and won a single title in the FA Cup once and in 1914 and also two titles. In the Shield Shield Championship was in the years 1960 and 1973.

 Newcastle United vs Burnley 0:1

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