Prevent the broadcast of the episodes of Islam Bahiri on satellite channels
The second chamber of the Administrative Court of Justice, headed by Vice-President Counselor Sami Abdul Hamid, and the members of Advisors Mustapha Habibshi, Bahjat Azzouz and the Secretariat of Mohamed Ayed, accepted the lawsuit No. 48059 for the year 69 of Sheikh Al-Azhar Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb and others. "With Islam", presented by researcher Islam Bahiri on the "Cairo and the people", and prevent him from appearing on satellite channels, and the prohibition of the publication of the program and the obligation of the authorities to ban the broadcast of the episodes on the satellite channels.

The al-Azhar Grand Sheikh said in his lawsuit that Bahiri used to attack the Islamic law and the Islamic heritage, and to criticize non-evidence based on correct evidence, which lacks the etiquette of dialogue and respect for scholars, exploiting freedom of expression, which is constitutionally guaranteed to destroy the nation's heritage.

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