royal family : Queen Nefertari, Princess Beketmut and Prince Riameses
royal family
Between the legs and on each of their sides stand smaller statues of members of the royal family. The smaller statues of relatives were probably, for the first southern colossus: The family statues at the first northern colossus were, Queen Nefertari, Princess Beketmut and Prince Riameses in front. For the second northern colossus, there were Princess Merytamun, Queen Muttuya and Princess Nofretari.

Nefertari was the most famous and famous wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II, who lived in the 19th Dynasty in the 13th century. Among his other wives are Isis Novart, Maat Hor Nafro Ra, and Princess Hati. His sons numbered about 90 daughter and son. His sons were: Bentanath and Marit Amen (princesses and wives of their father), Stannakht, Pharaoh Merniftah (who succeeded him) and Prince Khaymust. Nefertari gave birth to many Ramses children but none of them lived like his father.

Nefertari, like her husband, was not the first to take this preference. She was preceded by Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, the 18th dean of the family, whom the ancient Egyptians deified according to their beliefs

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