Sharm el-Sheikh: international tourist center in Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh: international tourist center in Egypt
    Sharm el-Sheikh
    Sharm el-Sheikh is the biggest town in the province of South Sinai also it is the international tourist center,where as it is famous for the sport of diving. South of it, there are the natural Ras Mohamed .. 

    The total area of ​​ Sharm el-Sheikh is about 424 kg m 2. Sharm el-Sheikh is rhe most famous tourist city in the Sinai, and the tourist activity had developed significantly in the last twenty years, The importance of the Sharm el-Sheikh is in its location at the head of the Red Sea, it is then divided into the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba, which led to an environment more unique is the key element in the tourist attractions. 

    So there are the most important natural reserves in the Ras Mohammed and Nabq. At the front of Sharm el-Sheikh there are islands of Tiran and Sanafir at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba .. One of the main areas and Ras Nasrani Ras Umm Sid to the Ras Mohammed                                                                                                        .                    
     a strong infrastructure of facilities and services are available in Sharm el-Sheikh and increasing of the number of inhabitants in large, reaching more than ten thousand people are estimated to be about 132 thousand people in 2017 with the increasing tourism activities in particular .                                                                                                          
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