The mystery of an American restaurant moving its seats without being touched by anyone
The chairs, in particular, began weeks ago moving in a famous American restaurant with grills and accessories, which they founded 27 years ago in Ventura, California, "untouched" in a scene that seems to be "pushed" by one of them. Calmly and stoop to the ground.

The Cronies restaurant and bar was intrigued by the CBS television network, which led its Los Angeles branch to investigate what it considered an unexplained mystery, to be explained by a scientist or an expert. The branch sent those who spoke to the restaurant's critics and watched a video shown by Al , And was produced by the owners of the Cronies of clips collected by the camera was captured by what is happening in it.

One of the founding partners of the restaurant, Dave Foldes, speaking from the back of the bar after the first minute of the video, told the media that it was just that in the restaurant that he was terrifying and told her that he and his partner in the city 27 years ago "nothing strange has happened before" He said.

"I'm OK as long as the chair did not move me," said one of the restaurant's other partners, who believed that what was going on was a "good spirit" wandering around. .

One of the restaurant owners pointed his finger at the chair, how shaken and money
One of them was in October 2013, when the owners of Jimmy's World Grill & Bar, in Luton, England, were surprised by a chair spotted by a restaurant camera moving a few seconds after a customer left, In a video presented by "Arabic.Net" also below, and I heard the newspaper Luton Today, the manager of the restaurant, it seems as an Asian named Rehan Anwar that a customer is attention to move the chair, and then use the camera and make sure.

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