US news: a nuclear strike ahead of North Korea is possible
The Pentagon admits the real scenario of a nuclear strike ahead of North Korea, according to Western media, on the basis of a statement by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
According to him, such an indication can be given if the president deems the threat with the use of nuclear weapons unavoidable. With such a forecast, a permit for the congress will not be required for a strike against the DPRK, Mattis said, speaking at a hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate on the use of military force abroad.

"I believe that the control of the legislature should not be equated with operational control," the minister continued, adding that "it is important to trust the system that exists and proved effective, there are other means, traditional means to stop In any case, every possible option will go through scrupulous analysis. "

Earlier, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the US Congress had not authorized North Korea to use military force and Donald Trump, the first ever president to allow such assumptions.

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