Yemen: 10 civilians killed and wounded in coalition bombing in Saada Governorate
Six civilians were killed and five wounded in a bombardment of Arab coalition fighters in Saada province, 242 km north of Sanaa, said Abdul Karim al-Kahlani, spokesman for the Houthi-controlled health ministry, on Friday evening.

In a statement to the German news agency DPA, Kahlani said, "In a new disregard for the United Nations and on the black list, Saudi Arabia targeted its planes with civilians in the district of Ghumar in Sa'ada, leaving six dead and five wounded, including children and women. Its previous raids in the area of ​​Qahzah caused the deaths of children. "

Al-Kahlani condemned the continuation of the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia (coalition forces) in targeting civilians with strikes and cluster bombs.

He called on human rights organizations and children's organizations to condemn what he described as "crimes." He added that "there should be sanctions and measures against those who are blacklisted, not just defamation, as he will not do justice to children and will not return their lives to their bodies."

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