Yemen: Iran is the root cause of all the destruction and destruction in the country
Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Dagher said on Monday that Iran has been and continues to be a major cause of all the devastation and devastation suffered by Yemen and the suffering of its people from the continuous bloodshed, the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world.

During his meeting with the French ambassador to Yemen Christian Testo, Ben Dagher said that Iran's destructive role in the region and its expansionist ambitions are no longer clandestine or require proof to prove them. He said that the leaders of Tehran and the international community have become proud of their negative role in undermining the security and stability of the region. The region and the world as a whole, and the threat of international navigation in Bab al-Mandab, which is the most important international waterway.

Bin Dagher lauded the sincere stance of the Yemeni-led coalition to support the legitimacy of Yemen to help the Yemeni people to get rid of the most dangerous and bloody coup in the history of the country, pointing out that the coalition is doing so on behalf of the international community to enforce binding Security Council resolutions. And issued under Chapter VII, noting that the coup Houthis and Saleh on the outputs of the national dialogue, which were part of it and located on it is to serve the goals and interests of Iran and its ambitions in the region and blackmail the world.

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