Abu Dhabi Louvre inaugurated by Emmanuel Macron
The new Louvre Abu Dhabi will be inaugurated Wednesday, November 8 by Emmanuel Macron.
A bit of France under the sun of the United Arab Emirates. It took ten years for this museum city, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, to emerge like a mirage at the gateway to the desert. On an island, near the city of Abu Dhabi, there are 55 white buildings overhung with a spectacular dome 180 meters in diameter. Crossing this metallic sky composed of thousands of stars, the rays of the sun create a shower of light.

Agreement with France

The architect of this "Louvre des Sables", Jean Nouvel, is French. "There is a symbol of the Arab city, with its white buildings, modest, and this large dome, as it often exists in these cities," he says. This new box houses 600 works, from antiquity to the present day, half of which comes from 13 French museums, following a government agreement signed in 2007 with the United Arab Emirates. The Louvre lends for 30 years its prestigious name and a hundred masterpieces.

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