American girl, Giselle, sells her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for $3.9 million on Cinderella Escorts
A 19-year-old American girl, Giselle, has announced the sale of her virginity at a public auction on the famous Cinderella Escorts.

She said she did not expect or dream that the deal would end at this imaginary price of 2.5 million euros, saying it was a dream and now it was a dream. come true.

The girl explained that the sale of her virginity is part of freedom, and she was shocked by the reactions of people who oppose the idea of ​​allowing women to sell her virginity, noting that spending time with someone she does not like is a personal decision.

The girl revealed that the winner of the deal was a billionaire businessman from Abu Dhabi, after he entered a race with a Hollywood actor who came second and Russian politician but came in third place in terms of money supply, did not disclose the names of the girl.

The girl was subjected to a lot of criticism on the social networking sites after the video that Jessel talked about her idea and realizing her dream, but she replied that she is happy because she is part of the movement of change in society and she managed to break the concept of taboos with something special for women.

 According to the website "Lenta.Ro", the hotel room has been booked in which the agreement will be implemented safely, where the girl will accompany a guard to secure during the first meeting with the winner of the deal.

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