Apple's head design: iPhone X beginning of the series of innovations
Despite some criticism of Apple over the new iPhone X, it is the most advanced in the world of smart phones, and is just the beginning of the innovation that Apple wants to achieve. "Jonny Yves, In his latest interview on Wallpaper, iPhone phones will be able to do a lot of sophisticated things in the future.

Next iphone phones

In the last interview, Yves noted that the iPhone models will do more than what Yvonne X now offers in the next 12 years. The most important feature of the iPhone is that most of its advanced features are due to software, and because of the flexible nature of the software, Scalable, making it easy to provide the iPhone with more advanced features from year to year, and even the current version after one year will be able to do things that are now unable to do.

This is unusual, and in the future the world will see the iPhone X as a major turning point in the industry, he added.

IPhone Development

Although Yves has yet to explain Apple's plans to do so, the reference to "software" strongly suggests that upcoming IOS releases will come with some major reforms.

Meanwhile, a recent report by Bloomberg said Apple could bring FACEID to the upcoming iPad models, saying Apple was redesigning iPads with some of the advantages of iPhone.

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