Arab teams' levels in the 2018 World Cup draw
The fans of the world-wide round-robin will turn to the Kremlin Palace in the Russian capital of Moscow on the first of next month, which will see the draw of the 2018 World Cup draw.

The FIFA rankings are based on the October draw. The 32 teams will be divided into four levels depending on the classification, with the exception of Russia, the host country that will join the first category regardless of its position in the ranking. Global.

The 2018 World Cup witnessed the participation of four Arab teams namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia.

According to the FIFA ranking, the Egyptian and Tunisian teams will be in the third level, while the Moroccan and Saudi teams will be in the fourth level.

The following are the 32 teams participating in the 2018 World Cup:

Level 1: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France.

Second level: Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Uruguay.

Level III: Denmark, Costa Rica, Iceland, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran.

Level 4: Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia. "
Arab teams' levels in the 2018 World Cup draw

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