AS Roma vs Lazio Live Stream online 18-11- 2017 Italy. Serie A

AS Roma vs Lazio Live Stream online 18-11- 2017 Italy. Serie A
    AS Roma vs Lazio Live Stream online 18-11- 2017 Italy. Serie A
    Italy. Serie A. 13 th round. Live broadcast of the match Roma (Rome, Italy) - Lazio (Rome, Italy) watch online. The beginning of the fight on November 18, 2017 at 20:00 time.

    The match will take place in Rome at the Stadium Stadium in Olimpico Stadium at 20:00. Online broadcast of the match will begin 10 minutes before the start of the game.

    Referee: Gianluca Rocchi
    Assistant judges: Elenito Di Libertore, Mauro Tonolini
    Reserve referee: Antonio Damato

    Today we will talk about Italy. "Roma" against "Lazio" - the Roman derby. History is the richest in this confrontation at the Stadio Olimpico. You can recall the huge number of matches that went down in history. Perhaps, the brightest that has been in recent years, in the modern football world occurred between these teams, in my opinion, this is the Selphi Francesco Totti. When Totti came out and made the result - 0: 2 "Roma" lost after the first half, and then Totti came out scoring two goals and made a remarkable self against the background of the stands. It was, of course, cool.

    The last games, too, are different. In the Cup teams played where "Lazio" surpassed his opponent, winning 2-0, then losing 2: 3, but just at the end of "Lazio" quit playing. In the championship there were different games, when "Roma" itself brought or "Lazio" somewhere underworked. If you draw a certain basis and balance between these recently, then I, preparing for this forecast, noted a curious thing. Sooner or later, purely mathematically, they must play a draw. I remembered a match in which Francesco Totti made a double and was 2-2, and after all, after seven consecutive matches, the teams do not play in a draw. Seven matches in a row with an approximately equal ratio of forces. "Roma" with Di Francesco is now good, "Lazio" with Inzaghi shows a bright, productive and classy football.

    I think that in this confrontation, when the derby, when a lot at stake, why not try to play a frontal draw. In the derby, she often meets, especially since all the same if you look at the standings, the "Roma" has never played a draw, and "Lazio" only once shared points with the opponent. Therefore, in my opinion, a draw in this meeting is entirely asking. "Roma" - "Lazio" - why not play a frontal draw with a good coefficient above the top three? 3.6 was when I last looked at Winline. I will not offer you anything else. "Roma" - "Lazio" - frontal draw.

    AS Roma vs Lazio 2:1

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