Atalanta vs Benevento Live Stream online Today 27 -11- 2017 Italy Serie A
On Monday, 27.11.2017 will be the match of the Italian championship between Atalanta and Benevento. The match is scheduled for 22.45 .

Atalanta has never lost in Serie A home games to clubs from the Campania region (+ 1 = 4), not counting Napoli;

Atalanta did not lose any of the 11 previous home games against the newcomers to Serie A (+8 = 3), and in seven of the last eight such fights she kept her goal intact;

Atalanta scored 14 of 16 points this season in home games of the championship (88% - the highest percentage in Serie A);

Atalanta lost just 1 of 18 last home games in Serie A - Roma in the first game of the current season with a minimum score of 0: 1;

Benevento became the first team in the history of the five strongest European championships to lose 13 starting games of the season;

Benevento in the away games of the season scored just three goals - the least. And he missed 15 goals on a foreign field - more than all others;

Atalanta this season lost 11 points in the matches, in the course of which led in the account - more than all in Serie A;

Coaching staff of Benevento this season used already 28 players - most of all in Serie A;

The best sniper of Atalanta this season is Bryan Kristant, who scored four goals. At the same time, he scored three of the four goals - no one in Serie A scored more;

Winger Benevento Marco D'Alessandro spent the last three seasons in Atalanta, having played for her 72 matches of the Italian championship and scoring four goals.

Forecast for the match Atalanta - Benevento according to statistics: the account will be opened by the home team and they will win. And Atalante, most likely, will manage to keep its gates intact.

Atalanta vs Benevento 0:1

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