Basaksehir vs Hoffenheim live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League

Basaksehir vs Hoffenheim live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League
    Basaksehir vs Hoffenheim live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League
    Only in the fifth match to the debutants of the European competition from Sinsheim and their young coach Julian Nagelsmann came the debut victory. In a home match with Istanbul, Hoffenheim outscored the opponent in all components and deservedly triumphed with a score of 3: 1, inflicting 17 strikes at the gates of the Istanbul team, 7 of them on target. Surprisingly, the coach of the Turks Abdulla Avci took no special piety to the opponent, having made 7 permutations at once, compared with the optimal composition that had played shortly before in the national championship. 

    And only the great and terrible veteran Emre Belozoglu missed the match because of injury. According to this version of the roster could be assumed about the plans of the Istanbulites in the European League. After the defeat in Germany, they dropped to the fourth place with 1 point, exchanging places with "village ones", which are now third with 3 points, lagging behind the leaders of the quartet, Ludogorets and Braga, by 4 and 3 points respectively. 

    Given that the Turkish team in a more favorable tournament situation used a large rotation, it can hardly be expected that, in an almost desperate situation, they will suddenly throw all their forces into the Euro-tournament. In this group, a minimum of 9 points will be passed, so that Istanbul can save only victories in all the remaining games. Hoffenheim must cling to the chance to stay longer in Europe. 

    This is primarily necessary for their coach, who does not hide his desire to head the great club in the near future. And without success in European competition there will not be taken. And it is difficult to accuse Hoffe of reluctance to fight in the second prestigious Eurotournament. He was the first to open an account in all three matches, but twice failed to hold the advantage. 

    For footballers from Sinsheim it is very important to win in Turkey, especially if the hosts again put the second team. In this case, the Germans will not let far the leaders of the quartet and in the final rounds will be able to act on the basis of the tournament situation. And most importantly, then the fate of Hoffenheim will remain in his hands.

    Basaksehir vs Hoffenheim 1:1

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