Cinnamon and honey to get rid of face pills

Cinnamon and honey to get rid of face pills
    Cinnamon and honey to get rid of face pills
    The problem that disturbs the girls and affects their beauty and make them look for any solution to save them from this problem that may be ravaged by their beauty if not treated correctly, and many girls fall in the error of hiding the grain through the use of modern make-up tools such as Contour, Tools that provide only temporary solutions, and girls do not know that putting these products on her face without real treatment will only harm the health of her skin.

    Now many girls have started to go to the field of alternative medicine by treating the skin problems with natural recipes, which depend on natural elements suitable for different skin types and does not cause any damage to the skin even with the length of use.

    In a report for beautytalk, he presented a set of natural recipes that help in the final disposal of grain in the house without the need to go to beauty centers or undergo any external sessions. Among these recipes was the "Cinnamon and Honey", the ingredients of which are known to benefit the skin, Of the antibacterial substances and honey works to get rid of dead cells and cleans the skin from the depth and gives them real freshness.

    Cinnamon and honey to get rid of face pills
    Here's how to prepare the cinnamon and honey mask:
    First Ingredients:
    Two tablespoons of honey
    A tablespoon of cinnamon
    Method of preparing the catcher:
    First, wash your face well and dry to ensure that your skin is clean and not contain any residue of cosmetics, then combine the previous ingredients together until you get a good homogenous mixture, put the mixture on your face and Freddy well and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash your face with water Dry your face with a cotton towel.
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