Daily: the hilarious sequence where Eddy Mitchell Frenchizes the names of French rockers
The French know him as Eddy Mitchell, but in reality the singer is Claude Moine. So why did he choose this pseudonym early in his career in the 1960s? For his appearance on the set of Quotidien Wednesday evening, Yann Barthes directly asked him the question. "You have to ask my record company. Finally, if they are alive. 

Because I started very young ... ", immediately answered the principal concerned. "My poor Eddie Barclay is dead. It was an idea to him that, "he added before playing a hilarious game initiated by TMC's host (see video below). The concept? Franciser the pseudonyms of French singers.

Thus, if Eddy Mitchell were to francise his name, he would be called ... "Edouard Moulinet!" As for Johnny Hallyday (Jean-Philippe Smet of his real name)? "Jeannot the holidays", replies tac to tac the interpreter of Mint Color with the water. And the other rocker Dick Rivers (Hervé Forneri of his real name)? "Bites the Rivers!"

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