Egypt Arish mosque attack: The Egyptian army declares a state of emergency in Sinai
The chief of staff is leading a campaign to hunt down the perpetrators

The Egyptian army announced a state of emergency in northern Sinai on Friday, after the fall of more than 165 people were killed and wounded by an explosion planted by terrorists near a mosque in northern Sinai, where it exploded during prayers for Friday prayers.

Large campaign of the Egyptian army led by the chief of staff to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack Arish.

According to eyewitnesses, unknown gunmen detonated an explosive device in a mosque in the village of Rawdah east of the city of Bareal Abdul, where the explosion killed and wounded a number of worshipers, and fired a barrage of fire at them.

According to official figures, the attack killed at least 85 people and more than 80 injured.

According to the correspondent "Arab" that the Chief of Staff oversees an extensive military operation to hunt down terrorist elements involved in the recent terrorist operations in Sinai.

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