Egypt: LE 33.6 billion of GDP for the electricity sector in 2016/2017
The government's report to the parliament on its overall work over a year and a half from March 2016 to September 2017 revealed that the real gross domestic product (GDP) of the electricity and renewable energy sector is 33.6 billion pounds.

 The report revealed that the total investments implemented amounted to 70.8 billion pounds, and the volume of electric power generated 188.62 billion kWh.

 The report also pointed out that the most significant achievement in the electricity and renewable energy sector is the addition of new generation capacity of 6250 MW, as well as expansions including the addition of 656 MVA distribution capacity, the addition of 3950 kilometers of lines and cables over medium voltage, Replacement and regeneration, 806 MVA distribution capacity, while the average voltage lines and cables are 1793 km2.

the report added that 1.4 million LED lamps have been installed in addition to the addition of capacities to the high voltage 6955 MVA, as well as the addition of capacity on the high voltage 1915 MVA, as well as the addition of lengths of lines and cables on the high voltage "1114 km", while improving the order Egypt from center 144 to 88 after the necessary procedures and reforms to improve the index of access to electricity for investors and improve the quality of service to customers.

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