Egyptian actress Shadia dies at the age of 86
According to sources close to the family of the great artist Shadia, that the artist has just departed after a conflict with the disease, at the age of 86 years.

The late artist Shadia was born on 8 February 1931 and was nicknamed by the critics and the public as the film star Fatima Ahmed Shaker. During her 40 years of artistic career, she made about 112 films and 10 radio and drama plays. She is one of the most prominent Egyptian film stars, As well as a broad base among the Arab public.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Mrs. Hormeh visited actress Shadia at the hospital on Friday 10 November.

It is noteworthy that the great artist Shadia had suffered a stroke in the brain, and was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

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